Journey into the Center of Time
"So Father did not throw anything away, he only added more things to those already lying there somewhere. This passion, which was a torment for the family and himself due to the small size of the studio and apartment, turned out to be salutary after his death. Thanks to this, in old suitcases, cardboard boxes, between newspapers, telegrams, letters, receipts and bills from half a century ago, drawings, designs and works from the entire period of his creative life, from the 1940s to the 1980s, have been preserved.Thanks to this, I also had the pleasure to make a unique and very personal journey into a world that I did not know, see places and people that I have never met. From letters, notes, photos and sketches emerged an image of a man endowed with extraordinary talent and imagination, about whom, as it turned out, I knew little ... I was born when he was already reaching his fifty."