Forms and Rhythms
A collection inspired by geometrical shapes, the solar system, planets and their symbolism. Circles, semi-circles, ellipses, spirals symbolising the Sun and the Moon are repeated according to a specific rhythm and placed next to one other in different configurations. They come in both calm greys and beiges as well as energetic reds, blues, greens and combinations of black and gold. The graphic compositions attract attention and become a starting point for the interior design. They’re naturally associated with the boho style, but will also suit loft and glamour interiors perfectly.
“Moons”, collection: “Forms and Rhytms” | 2021
“Khaya Luna”, collection: “Forms and Rhytms” | 2021
Wall graphics from the “Forms and Rhythms” collection | 2021


Decorative cushions complement wall decorations from the “Forms and Rhythms” collection | 2021