Cosmos '24

Wall graphics designed for the “Kopernik”
conference room in the hotel. 2024

Underwater World

The depths of the oceans are the least explored part of our planet, untouched and beyond human control. This mysterious, dark and hostile environment is filled with extraordinary creatures, of which we know only a small part, the rest remains in the sphere of the imagination.

Forms & Rhytms

A collection inspired by geometrical shapes, the solar system, planets and their symbolism. Circles, semi-circles, ellipses, spirals symbolising the Sun and the Moon are repeated according to a specific rhythm and placed next to one other in different configurations.

Digital Painting

My digital painting is a combination of collage, scans of natural materials with a highly exposed texture, macro photography, digital drawing and painting in which I use original brushes and textures. The random, abstract structure of the material enlarged many times becomes the starting point for creating a surreal composition.

Walls & Floors

I mainly design decorative elements for interiors, i.e. large-format wall graphics, fabric and wallpaper patterns, posters and carpets. Two works were awarded by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw. I create projects mainly for office and hotel spaces, restaurants and individual investors in Poland, Great Britain and Brazil.

P+F. Michalek

Projects signed with ‘P + F Michałek’ have been created since 2012. Each of them is an intergenerational record of the dialogue of two artists – Franciszek’s son, Piotr with the late father Franciszek. A dialogue within the frame of art and design, conducted outside the area of time and place, in the universal language of visual signs.

Utility Projects

In the field of advertising graphics, I focus mainly on designing posters, printed and electronic publications as well as comprehensive visual identification. For the needs of electronic media, I create animations, multimedia presentations and website designs.